Why Promoting Your Staff’s Wellbeing Is Essential For Business Growth

With remote working on the rise, what can you do to ensure the wellbeing of your employees…

It’s fundamental for employers to understand their employees’ work experience, regardless of where they might be located, in order to create an environment that drives their performance and most importantly, promotes their wellbeing.

But with remote working being the norm for the foreseeable future, employers face challenges way beyond simply ensuring staff have the right technology to do their job. For many this new way of working is the first time they have had to consider the mental or emotional impact of working from home over long periods of time.

It is crucial for employers to be able to support their employees with an environment that aids safe social interaction and enables them to have a break from their home life.

According to Leesman’s latest Home Working Experience Survey, although working from home can be productive, comfortable and certainly more flexible than being in an office, many employees feel isolated and find balancing work and personal time a lot harder.

It is, therefore, crucial for employers to be able to support their employees with an environment that aids safe social interaction and enables them to have a break from their home life.

The workspace’s role in a happy work-life balance

Before COVID-19, the traditional office space had played an important role in the lives of office-based workers. It not only gave employers a reliable business base to support their teams, but also set a clear boundary between the work and home living experience.

The pandemic, however, has shattered the workspace’s role, forcing businesses and individuals to quickly adapt to a very different work-life dynamic. In a previous article I shared lessons from COVID-19, which included the need for employers to adjust office spaces and working styles in order to adapt to the challenges created by the pandemic.

From 6 January, a national lockdown came into force in all of England, but the guidance doesn’t indicate that the return to offices is completely prohibited. Quite the opposite, offices are to remain open to support anyone who “needs” to use them to carry out their role successfully. This means having a safe space that favours mental health and promotes professional development.

The Mental Health Index™ report carried out by Morneau Shepell indicates that in October 2020 the mental health of Britons continued to be much more at risk than prior to the pandemic. As a result, there was a decline in productivity with people having to put additional effort to keep up with their work. This has led employers to adopt strategies which champion flexibility and open, frequent communication.

Flexible workplaces are the future

If employers are aware of employees showing signs of stress and not being able to cope while working remotely, it’s their responsibility to offer them a solution that can help them feel valued, integrated and away from home when needed.

Here at Bloxham Mill we are creating a forward-thinking business community that accounts for the demands of the workplace of the future. We understand that it is now more important than ever to be able to serve companies so that they can serve their employees.

Our infrastructure allows us to provide employers with a flexible workspace that puts their employees’ needs first, supporting a positive work experience. This translates into safe spaces that can be booked on an ad hoc basis for team meetings or individuals who are looking to escape from home.

We believe that our facilities, which include lounge spaces, meeting rooms, general office spaces (for office members) and plenty of outdoor areas, can make a difference to individuals’ wellbeing by simply offering a hub for working collaboratively while keeping safe within the social distancing guidelines.

Whether a business needs an office address, a dedicated space once a week for their team or full equipped meeting rooms to welcome clients, we have offices that accommodate from one to thirty people all under the same roof. What’s more, with our short term packages, it is easy to grow, downsize, or restructure your business without having all additional administration costs or being tied into a long-term contract.

Ultimately, we want to do our part by providing increased support to our clients to meet their unique needs and assist them in their success all the way. If you are looking for a physical or virtual office, feel free to connect, call 01295 722800 or email me personally at emma.mcgregor@bloxhammill.com.

About the author: Emma McGregor is the Commercial Director at Bloxham Mill Business Centre and the Host of Chipping Norton Buzz, a monthly networking group that meets every second Tuesday of the month.

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