Top 5 Reasons to choose a Co-working Space over WFH

Have you been thinking of joining a co-working space? Trust us, there are loads of benefits from working in a specially designed co-working environment.

Here is our Top 5…

1. Great for Networking

A co-working space allows the potential for you to meet like-minded people. It could be a good opportunity for problem solving, getting a different perspective or even forming collaborations. You never know what opportunities may arise!

Bloxham Mill also offer events such as networking, yoga classes and workshops which is another great way to meet new people and learn a new skill!

2. Super- Fast Wi-Fi

There is nothing worse, or more unprofessional, than the dreaded screen freeze! It may have been acceptable and forgiven during the first lockdown but there are no excuses now. We have a fantastic internet speed that you can rely on.

Co-working at Bloxham Mill
Pods in Co-working space at Bloxham Mill

3. Peace & Quiet

Sometimes it’s just impossible to find a quiet space at home. Some co-working spaces, like ours, provide quiet and private booths for when you need to focus and get work done. Brilliantly designed, our booths all have screens which can help protect against the spread of Covid 19. Plus, if you have an important video conference or meeting, we also have a private Zoom Room (which can be booked by the hour) or a range of meeting rooms available!

4. Less Lonely

Working from home can make you feel isolated. Who knew that you could miss the small interactions you used to get at the office kettle! At Bloxham Mill, we have a beautifully designed open plan kitchen, as well as collaborative and break-out areas for when you choose to socialise and meet others.

5. Increase your Productivity

With no distractions and plenty of complimentary coffee (or tea!) you will be sure to finish your tasks in good time. At Bloxham Mill, our Client Care team are always on hand, so if you need something, like a document printed urgently, they are always happy to help, allowing you to focus on what you need to.

Click here for more info on co-working at Bloxham Mill.

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