Easter Holiday Offer

Why join us?

With the Easter holidays just around the corner why not experience a productive day of work in our professional Co-Working space – The Hive. For our special offer price of £16 per day (+VAT), you will get:

  • Use of private booths for ‘getting your head down’ with no distractions (leave the washing pile at home!)
  • Access to shared open plan desk space for collaboration/ connecting with other professionals
  • Premium service delivery with staff on hand to help with any queries that you might have
  • Access to a private phonebooth pod for taking confidential calls/ delivering virtual presentations (available free of charge, on a first come first time basis)
  • Access to meeting rooms (bookable at an extra charge)
  • Professional modern environment with access to shared kitchen facilities, with complimentary tea and coffee
  • Free on-site parking with access to EV charging points
  • Access to on-site barista – The Barrow Coffee, catering to all of your coffee and re-fueling needs! Note: The Barrow is closed on Fridays
  • Beautiful countryside setting within walking distance to amenities in the centre of the village

*Offer is valid weekdays from Monday 3rd April – Friday 14th April (excluding Bank Holidays).*

Member testimonial

Martin Jefferies, member at Bloxham Mill shared his thoughts and experiences on working at our co-working space…

Prevents the feeling of isolation:
Having worked from home for many years in a small countryside village, the novelty of being at home all day every day has well and truly worn off. Though it’s great for accepting parcels and emptying the dishwasher, working from home all day every day can feel very isolating.

Feeling part of a community:
Bloxham Mill offers face to face contact which isn’t possible within the four walls of my home office. It’s good to be able to talk to other Bloxham Mill clients about the weather, the football or the family! It has a wonderful community feel!

Creates boundaries between work and home:
Working at Bloxham Mill means that work is work and home is home. I work defined hours each day and my work remains in the office. I use the short drive home to de-compress from the day, meaning that I am present with my family when I’m at home.

Professional, tasteful environment:
The space at Bloxham Mill is modern and fresh which makes for a professional working environment, particularly helpful when taking video calls!

The ability to use the space 24 hours a day:
When I have a specific piece of work that is time critical or demands time and attention, I use the space out of typical business hours which does wonders for productivity!

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