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Hybrid Workspaces

We understand that the workspace has changed over the last few years into a much more fluid one.  We know that people want different things and priorities have shifted.

Balancing the convenience of remote work with the undeniable benefits of in-person collaboration can be tricky. Introducing Larch – Bloxham Mill’s hybrid office space.

Larch is a flexible solution for those seeking a balance between remote work and in-person collaboration. Tailored for predominantly home-based workers, Larch offers the ideal space for gathering face-to-face and fostering collaboration, for one or a couple of days a week.

Whether you’re a dynamic team in need of periodic physical meetings or a group of freelancers craving a shared workspace, Larch has you covered. Seamlessly bring your ideas to life without the constraints of rigid office arrangements.

What we can offer...

Co-working Day Pass – we offer flexible day passes for The Hive, our co-working space for individuals or small teams.

Co-working Subscription – we also offer monthly subscriptions to The Hive with short term commitment and the ultimate flexibility for individuals or small teams.

Meeting Rooms – our meeting rooms are perfect for getting together with your team or clients. Sometimes, face to face is needed!

Office-for-the-Day–  if WFH suits you and your team but you need a space to come together once or twice a week or maybe month, we can provide an ‘office for a day’. More than a meeting room, you will have desks, printers & screens of your own.

Large Hot-desking Spaces a space just for your team where we can manage when your team members are here and ensure everyone has a desk.

Traditional Offices – a space to brand as your own, unpack your boxes and build your companies culture

Service Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on our uncompromising level of service, which is both personal and comprehensive. We draw upon our backgrounds in hospitality and professional services to create an environment we love coming to every day, and believe our members do too.

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