Unlock the Power of Hybrid

In the heart of Bloxham, Oxfordshire, we understand the unique challenges faced by small to medium-sized professional service businesses like yours. Balancing the convenience of remote work with the undeniable benefits of in-person collaboration is touch. That’s where our Hybrid Office solution – Larch comes to your rescue.

Why Choose ‘Larch’ - Our Hybrid Office?

We stand on the side-lines cheering, we receive your parcels, we water your plants.

Our Client Care Team are onsite 5 days a week- not just on the end of an email! We are here to help you; from booking a last minute meeting room, to when you’ve run out of milk. We exist to support you to do your best work and empower you to create meaningful connections within our community and beyond.

Flexible Collaboration

Our thoughtfully designed workspace offers you the best of both worlds. Imagine a place where your team can gather for dynamic brainstorming sessions, engaging client meetings, and collaborative projects. With access 2 or 3 times a week, your team can sync up seamlessly and foster innovation without the constraints of a traditional office.

Boosted Productivity

We understand the power of a focused work environment. Our aesthetically pleasing workspace is meticulously designed to inspire productivity. The serene ambiance, ergonomic furniture, and advanced facilities create an atmosphere where your team can dive deep into their tasks and deliver exceptional results.

Impecible Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated staff is always on hand to assist you and your team, making sure your experience is seamless from the moment you step in. Whether it’s technical support, booking meeting rooms, or simply finding the best local lunch spots, we’ve got you covered.

Community Networking

Join a vibrant community of like-minded professionals in Bloxham. Expand your network, exchange ideas, and collaborate with individuals who share your passion for growth and success. Our networking events and workshops provide ample opportunities to connect.

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Meet our Team

Michael, Emma and the team at Bloxham Mill cannot wait to welcome you. 

Bloxham Mill Client Care Team

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