How can an Office-For-The-Day help you and your team…

Read about our Case Study, TALA, and how they are benefiting from our Office-For-The-Day.

In response to the new hybrid way of working, Bloxham Mill has created an office-for-the-day. This is a ready-to-use workspace which companies can use once or twice a week or month.

It is a great way to get your team together and allows your employees to have the best of both worlds- working in an office and at home- without having to have a permanent office space which has days empty and unused!

Just like having your own office, our office-for-the-day is equipped with computer screens, white board, TV screen, printer and scanner.


How our Office-For-The-Day is working for TALA…

TALA is a reputation management consultancy which is engaged by companies around the world. Based on feedback from its consultants early in the pandemic, who said that home working was suiting them, their management team decided to sell the offices they had occupied for over a decade. Now, with the easing of restrictions and with new members joining the team, TALA has rediscovered the benefits of coming together in a physical space at certain times during the week.

“We’d been hiring meeting rooms at Bloxham Mill over the past year and started to think we needed a more permanent home. However, buying or renting new premises, which would be empty for much of the week, didn’t make sense. Bloxham Mill approached us regarding their new hybrid working space, Larch. It provides us with a professional, light, comfortable office in which we can come together once a week to accelerate our collaboration and creativity. As our needs change, the flexible spaces at Bloxham Mill can then accommodate us too.”- Andrew Baud, Founder and Managing Director of TALA.

For further information on our Office-For-The-Day click here. Alternatively give us a call on +44 (0)1295 722800

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