Hot desk office space: 7 key benefits of using a co-working space like Bloxham Mill

Hot desk office space

What is a hot desk?

Even before the pandemic and the work-from-home revolution, hot desk office space existed and it’s likely you even ‘hot desked’ while you were working as staff at a larger company or in an office. And, for those of you who are now self-employed or building a business, the idea of hot desk office space might feel rooted in the world of large corporate organisations.

However, hot desking is very much something that the self-employed and small business owners can use to their advantage.

For those who haven’t heard of hot desk office space, it has nothing to do with remote working in the Caribbean! Hot desking is, in fact, a term used to describe an office space where people use different desks, rather than having their own allocated desk. Hot desking has become very popular post-pandemic, as offices, companies and co-working spaces see their staff or contributors balancing a hybrid of working from home and office-based commitment.

Hot desk office space is a desk that you ‘share’ with another person – that might be someone you know, a colleague from your company, or just a desk that you use on one day and others use on another day. Traditionally, a hot desk office would be owned by a company, where different employees use a range of desks, clearing any personal items after their work is done.

Whereas, back in the 90s or 2000s, or even 80s, having a desk to work at was a badge of honour, with the rise of flexible working and hybrid working, hot desking is the way a lot of people prefer to work. Gone are the days of having photos pinned to the board by your desk, a pen pot (half of which you don’t use) and a wilting desk plant.

When it comes to hot desking in a co-working space such as Bloxham Mill, the idea is more that the desks, such as those we offer in The Hive, are available for use as and when someone needs them.

Here are our top 7 reasons why they can help you with everything from growing your business to your mental health as a freelancer or business owner:

1.  Using a hot desk office space as a change of scenery from the WFH norm

For those of you who are sat in the corner of the spare bedroom right now, at a makeshift desk, stretching your shoulders because the chair you’re using has seen better days, the work-from-home dream is probably fading. See also: The kitchen table, old computer desk from the kids’ GCSE days, or even that cute coffee shop you decamp to!

A hot desk is a guaranteed space, a clear desk, where you’re surrounded by other like-minded self-employed people, and suddenly you’re not staring at the fridge door (or inside the fridge), the peeling wallpaper or old IKEA beach print, you’re looking at a professional workspace suited to your growing business.

Pods in Co-working space at Bloxham Mill

2. Hot desking gives you flexibility with your working day

Office Space Oxfordshire

Turn up when you fancy, stay as long as you like – when you use a hot desk working space, you aren’t committing to having to work a 9-5 in a co-working space. On the contrary, you can spend just half an hour catching up on emails at a hot desk before heading elsewhere. This flexibility means that you don’t have to ‘make the most’ of renting a desk for a whole day or a week – instead, you can choose your times, and, if you need to, leave earlier than planned.

3. Meet like-minded business owners when you use hot desk office space

Talking of the moments when you’re not sitting at your hot desk – you know, the coffee/tea break, the bumping into someone you met at a networking event – you’ll meet other small business owners and entrepreneurs. You’ll be working alongside people who, if they aren’t able to do business with you, might recommend you to someone else. It’s essentially a passive networking effect. By being a human who comes to the co-working space you break through the online profile or business card, and get to know others face to face, to share the highs and lows of self-employed life. Now that doesn’t happen with the cat at home!

4. Inspiration comes when you’re away from your house!

Lightbulb moments… aren’t they great? They can strike at any time, but a change of scenery is a key element in getting those ideas fired up. Coming away from the house, where you spend the majority of the rest of your time, gives you space to ponder on ideas, without distraction or worry. You’ll find that clarity comes because of the fuss-free design of the décor and the desk itself.

5. You’re able to focus more clearly with fewer distractions on a hot desk

Yep, hello to not staring at your pen pot/that pile of receipts/the washing up! We all know how time can fly when you’re working from home. Even in a dedicated office at home, you have elements such as books, posters, and even the doorbell.

Hot desking is amazing at helping you focus – we’re sure that you’d get more done in a few hours at a hot desk in The Hive than in a whole day at home. We can’t help with putting the washing machine on while you’re here, though. (Although, it may well have a timer, so you can get home from hot desking and it’s already washed!).

6. Heating and hot drinks in a hot desk working space

Person filling jug with cold water

Hot desking spaces at the Hive in Bloxham Mill come with heating (or air con in the summer) and tea/coffee whenever you need it. Of course, you can make a hot drink at home, but the serviced-office element of a hot desking space like the Hive is key to so much of what we’ve already talked about. Working from home, a key worry at the moment with the cost of living crisis is the heating bills, and being able to concentrate (or work) when you’re cold or end up having a hot water bottle on your knee!

7. There’s still privacy with a hot desk working space

Hold on, isn’t hot desking in an open space? What if I need – or want – more privacy?

At Bloxham, many of the desks are in private booths, where you can write or conduct business, safe in the knowledge that you’re not being overlooked. You can even hire a meeting room or use a dedicated private phone booth, too.

Rural Bloxham, North Oxfodshire where Bloxham Mill serviced offices are located

The Hive – Hot desking and co-working in the heart of the Cotswolds

The Hive, our hot desking space at Bloxham Mill offers modern, open-plan workspace for you, as a home worker. Come and feel part of our community and foster in-person relationships, which quite frankly, isn’t possibly from the confines of your four walls at home!

If you need to ‘get your head down’ and complete a complex piece of work, make use of the calm, secluded private booths. If you prefer to feel part of the buzz, then pitch up on the large open plan desk space and admire the views across the Cotswold countryside.

When coffee calls, make the most of our complimentary hot drinks, or if you feel like something fancier, grab a cappuccino from Harriet, our resident barista.

With a flexible membership structure, from ad-hoc drop-ins to unlimited hours, our co-working facilities offer something for freelancers, business owners and employed full time remote professionals alike!

Want to come and see for yourself? Get in touch to arrange a visit, grab a coffee or cuppa and chat about how Bloxham’s serviced offices can work for you –

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