Five reasons to join a co-working space as a small business owner in 2023

From coffee and friendship to stronger business, here’s how you will benefit from being in a co-working space around other small business owners at Bloxham Mill.

Working from home became the norm during the pandemic, and for many, has become a habit that stuck. However, there’s a huge difference between working from home because you have to, and working from home because you want to.

For those who run a small business or are self-employed and work from home reluctantly, the alternatives can be perceived as expensive, or an unproductive use of your time.

The Hive is different. As part of the unique offering at Bloxham Mill, The Hive is an open-plan scandi-inspired co-working space, with shared desks, private workspaces, meeting rooms and facilities such as a workout room and stand-alone booths where you can work alone when you need to. 

Image of co-workers sat in co-working pods in the Hive

1. Facilities 

From tea and coffee to the private telephone booth and of course, the heating! Our recent blog explains how Bloxham Mill can save your from the soaring energy costs? We’re talking home from home comforts, and that feeling of being somewhere where ‘work happens’. From the buzz of the Barrow coffee to the comfortable privacy of a desk booth, the feeling of being somewhere warm, clean, a space that’s created specifically for work.

2. Productivity

 We bet that you’ll  more done at our co-working space than you would do in a whole day at home. Because nobody really wants to put a wash on the line in their lunchbreak, do they? The change from home to work brings in something in our mindset which gets us down to business. From what we wear to how we show up, being present in a co-working space like The Hive at Bloxham Mill takes you to a ‘ready for work’ level that moving from the kitchen to the spare room, or even a home office can’t.

People gathered, drinking coffee and chatting at networking event

3. Building your business.

Networking can feel like a dirty word, and social media might give you the shudders, but being around other business owners, in person, is being ‘your business’ right there. You’ll become known for what you do, and the person that others recommend to their connections, too. One of the key elements of building a business is those relationships that begin as a hello over the coffee machine, or at reception. The old saying ‘people buy from people’ rings true when you can turn up as your authentic self at your co-workplace. Sure, you’re not going to spend every moment at Bloxham trying to do a deal, but being present, and getting to know the other members will build lasting connections. 

4. Friendship

Work’s about work, right? Wrong! It’s about meeting like-minded people, people who will perhaps never be someone who you do business with, but someone you become friends with – someone you can share your ups and downs with, someone who understands what it’s like being self-employed in such a challenging climate. Friendships that blossom in a co-working space can lead to lifelong relationships. Making friends when you work alone is key to your wellbeing – those people who are there to say ‘I get it’ when you need a listening ear, to laugh when you share something or to say ‘Hey, my friend could use your business…’.

Friends walking in the countryside at lunch time
Image of Bloxham Mill Director speaking at Christmas party

5. Beating loneliness 

Beating loneliness. It can be very lonely working from home, especially when you also run your own business and don’t even have other ‘co workers’ at home to talk to. From sharing your day at work, friendly faces and companion ship are about way more than business. This is about being part of a team, belonging somewhere, finding your people and your community. At the Hive there are regular informal meet ups for members, from breakfast to evening. We’ve even held a Yule log decorating competition for our members at the Christmas party!


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