Finding The Perfect Startup Office Space For Your Business Journey

Introduction: the importance of finding the perfect startup office space

If you’re reading this blog, it indicates that you must’ve bitten the bullet and decided to embark on the thrilling adventure of growing your startup! As you navigate the highs and lows of owning your own your business, we’re sure that at some point along the way, you will be tasked with finding the ideal startup office space for your company. The place you choose to call your business home can significantly impact your business growth, team dynamics, and overall success. In this guide, we provide comprehensive information around finding the perfect startup office space, complete with all the practical insights you need.

Benefits of having an office space for your startup

In this day and age, it’s absolutely possible to set up a business and work from your home, which of course has numerous benefits including the time and money saved by removing the commute, and the flexibility to work around life and family commitments. However, there are multiple reasons why you might feel like it’s important for your business to be separate from your home and family and embark on researching office space solutions. We think this is important too! Some of the reasons that you might consider having an office space for your startup are as follows:

  1. Building reputation and legitimacy

Picture this: You walk into a design-led, well-organised office. The ambiance exudes professionalism, making you instinctively trust the company behind it. That’s the magic of private startup office space. Establishing a physical presence not only boosts your startup’s credibility but also helps potential clients and partners take you seriously. Your office becomes a tangible testament to your commitment and ambition. When choosing an office space for your business, it’s paramount to make sure the space aligns with your brand. Ensuring that the office space that your choose mirrors your business identity isn’t just about aesthetics (though this certainly helps!); it’s about creating a holistic experience that resonates with everyone who interacts with your business. From employees to clients to business partners, an aligned office space can reinforce your brand’s core message and create a strong sense of identity and purpose.

  1. Aiding recruitment efforts

These days finding top-notch talent can be a mind-boggling and long-winded task! A competitive market and the expectations of employees in 2023 mean that it can be difficult to attract employees who are the right fit for your business.  Having an attractive startup office space puts you ahead of your competitors. You’re armed with a powerful tool. Imagine inviting potential team members into a vibrant, collaborative environment. It speaks volumes about your values and dedication to providing a fantastic workplace. A great office can be the clincher in attracting the best minds to join your startup’s exciting journey.

  1. Fostering company culture and productivity

In the age of virtual meetings and remote work, the value of face-to-face interactions can’t be overstated. A physical workspace acts as the driver for enabling company culture to flourish. The casual chit-chats, brainstorming sessions by the coffee machine, and impromptu ‘ugh isn’t this weather dreadful’ (in recent weeks!) – these are all contributors in ensuring a robust team spirit. Plus, an environment designed for work can supercharge productivity (employees are thinking about work rather than emptying the dishwasher) and innovation, supporting the growth of your startup.


My business partner and I moved away from purely home-based working when hiring our newest member of the team. We wanted to support her in her new role and we felt strongly that face-to-face interaction was the best way to do this – having recruited our last hire during lockdown, we knew how difficult it was doing this remotely! Working in and office means that our new employee has felt fully supported, she has been able to ask questions as and when they come up, allowing her to onboard quickly and effectively. We lease a serviced office at Bloxham Mill and have adopted a hybrid approach to working, whereby we spend part of the week in the office together as a team and the rest of the week working from home. It’s the perfect balance for us. -Zoe Lidster Harwood HR Solutions

Key considerations for the best startup office

  1. Flexibility in lease options

Startups can be unpredictable at the beginning and they each adapt and evolve at a varying pace. Your startup office space should mirror this flexibility. Seek out lease options that allow you to scale up or down without breaking a sweat. Serviced offices, flexible offices and co-working spaces are all suitable solutions for the flexibility required in the early days of setting up a business. Whether it’s short-term arrangements or shared spaces that can accommodate your changing needs, flexibility should be your main priority in the early days. At Bloxham Mill we work with you and the ever-changing needs of your business. There is no long term lease agreement, meaning that you are not committed to a five-year lease, which of course can feel extremely daunting in the first few years.

  1. Amenities and perks for cost savings

Though in the first instance, it might be tempting to opt for the cheapest office, it might not be the best decision in the medium- long term. Review your budget carefully and choose office space solutions that include all of the amenities that you require, within your budget. There’s no point opting for the cheap startup office space with no parking, if you need to drive to work and spend £5 a day parking off-site! If design is your thing, while aiming for an office that dazzles, don’t forget about the practical side of things. Opt for spaces that come with shared amenities like conference rooms, kitchenettes, and high-speed Wi-Fi. These little gems can reduce unnecessary costs while ensuring your team is well-equipped to conquer challenges.

  1. The value of a dedicated reception team

Have you ever walked into a place where the receptionist’s warm smile instantly put you at ease? That’s the magic of a dedicated reception team. They’re not just greeters; they’re the first point of contact for your business and those who visit your business – e.g. potential clients! Their professionalism reflects directly on your startup’s image. Plus, outsourcing reception duties, such as call and mail handling lets your team focus on their strengths while leaving the welcoming committee to the experts. At Bloxham Mill, our team is an extension of yours. Our Client Care Team are onsite 5 days a week- not just on the end of an email! We exist to support you to do your best work, achieve business growth and empower you to create meaningful connections within our community and beyond.

startup office space
temporary serviced office
temporary serviced office

Exploring alternatives: virtual office for budget constraints

If you’re in need of a startup office space to house your business but you’re constrained by budget, there are other office space solutions available. For example, a virtual office could be a great solution for you. These virtual setups provide you with a prestigious business address, call handling services, and even access to physical meeting spaces when needed (though this often comes at an additional cost). It’s a savvy way to maintain a professional impression without draining your resources.

Advantages of coworking spaces for startups

Coworking spaces have become extremely popular over the last few years, particularly since COVID-19. Co-working spaces, if chosen carefully are flexible offices, bustling hives of innovation, where startups like yours thrive. These shared spaces offer not just desks but a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Networking opportunities, creative collaborations, and a lively atmosphere – they’re all part of the package deal. For startups, coworking spaces are more than just office spaces; they’re launchpads for success. Most co-working spaces are located within the same building as serviced offices, meaning that you can re-locate quickly and efficiently if and when required.

Having read all of our insights on finding the perfect startup office space, it’s time to put your plans into motion. Explore your options online, make sure to visit potential spaces in person, so that you can get a feel for them – most co-working spaces offer free trial days. Sign up to the Bloxham Mill newsletter and enjoy a free trial in the co-working space! Remember, your office space isn’t just a physical location; it’s a reflection of your dreams and ambitions. So, take that step in creating a workspace that supports your startup’s remarkable journey.

With its inspiring surroundings and modern facilities and flexible offices work spaces. Bloxham Mill is a place for startups to grow and succeed. Why not pop along and see for yourself? We’d love to show you around. Email to book a tour.

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