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Save Money With Serviced Solutions

Opting for a serviced office at Bloxham Mill, over a traditional lease office can result in significant cost savings for your business. With a serviced office, you benefit from an all-inclusive billing structure, eliminating the need to manage separate utility, internet, and maintenance expenses. The transparent pricing model ensures cost predictability, protecting your business against unforeseen costs, common in traditional leases. Added to that, choosing a serviced office with Bloxham Mill offers continued flexibility to scale up or down as your business changes.

Save approximately £65,000 over the course of three years by choosing a licensed office at Bloxham Mill rather than a traditional lease ....

*Figures are approximate and based on a 4-6 person office

Benefits of choosing serviced at Bloxham Mill

Serviced Office Traditional Lease Office
Simple and transparent all in one price – no hidden costs! Variable and potentially hidden operational costs
No long-term commitment (6 month minimum) Typically long lease commitment (average 5-10 years)
Flexibility to scale up or down at any time Challenging to scale up or down
Fully furnished, technology ready office to move into Time consuming to set up – required to source furniture and IT supplier
Move in quickly (We've been known to turn move in around in 24hours!) Lag between signing the lease agreement and moving in
Service led environment with administration taken care of Reception services, mail handling and telephone calls to be handled by your business
Collaborative spaces and opportunities to network Private work space only with few opportunities to network and collaborate
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