Case Study: Mama Diary UK

Read on to find out how our space helped Carla finish her book!

We have a variety of members that use our co-working space. One of these is Dr Carla Runchman, a clinical psychologist who works in the NHS locally. She also runs Mama Diary UK, promoting the importance of mental health support for new mums. With her book launch around the corner we thought it was a good time to do a spotlight on her! Read on to find out how Carla used our space and how it helped her…

“I approached Bloxham Mill in early 2021, trying to find a quiet space to finish my second book, ‘The Mama Diary’. After months of both myself and my husband working from home, whilst raising our toddler and attempting to home-school our four-year-old, I was desperate to find somewhere locally to get the book finally finished. The team at Bloxham Mill were incredibly kind to me, and found me space to work while the renovation of the new co-working space was underway. I got more done in those sessions at Bloxham Mill than I did in the three years I’d been drafting the book.

As I turned up one morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the temporary wall had come down and the Hive was revealed – a beautiful, modern airy space, absolutely perfect for co-working.

Although the book is finished now, I often return to work in the Hive as the space is so calm and welcoming. I asked the team whether I could hold my book launch event in the space and to my delight they agreed, and have been a dream to organise everything. March 10th will see 50 mums from the local area coming for a ‘night off’ to celebrate the book launch and raise money for Homestart, a local charity who support young families.”

Find Carla on Instagram @dr.carla.psychologist and @mamadiaryuk and find out more about the books for new mums at

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